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Blog 2018

Comptroller Joseph Otting. Photographer: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg

Silicon Valley’s Invasion of Banking Just Got Key U.S. Go-Ahead

The U.S. is opening a new path for Silicon Valley upstarts to push into banking — if they can stomach the regulation. The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency invited fintech companies on Tuesday to apply for special national charters, hours after the Treasury Department released a report advocating that step and others to spur innovation. … Continued


JPM, big banks spend billions on tech but innovation lags

Banks are shelling out billions of dollars to upgrade their systems, protect their data and improve mobile banking and other digital customer experiences. The spending is inching up operational expenses for firms including JPMorgan Chase & Co. Twelve of the 15 largest banks, including JPMorgan Chase, saw an increase in their operational budgets from 2016 to … Continued


Gustavo Leaño Concha: “The transformation is focused on the client and the organization”

Gustavo Leaño Concha President CredibanCo (En Español)   What are the main areas of innovation or transformation that your bank is focusing on? CredibanCo is advancing on an innovation process that involves market focus and internal organizational processes in order to compete and succeed in an industry characterized by disruptive evolution. Serious decisions on modernization … Continued


Chatbots to Save Banks $11 Billion in Costs by 2023

Bank of America has Erica, Capital One has Eno, Bank of Montreal has Bolt. Safe to say that most major banks are at least exploring the possibility of a virtual assistant, if they don’t already have one. And there is more to this virtual assistant than just the cool factor, for banks these chatbots improve customer service and reduce customer … Continued


JPMorgan built an online bank for millennials

When I first heard JPMorgan was building a mobile-first bank aimed at millennials dubbed Finn, I was ready for an eye-rolling experience. But after downloading the app over the Fourth of July holiday and transferring some cash from my traditional Chase checking account, it’s clear that Chase has built something that should keep fintech firms … Continued

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