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Blog 2018

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The new Latin American financial consumer by Alejandro Romero

  “Consumer is King”, but what does it also happens in the Latin American context? Understanding the changing nature of consumers in the region is critical to developing strategies to reach them and engage with financial services. In this presentation, Llorente & Cuenca’s Americas CEO presents insights on the financial services industry from their survey … Continued


How to launch successful banking digital products by Greg Larkin

Loyal customers are always expecting better and faster digital products. But banks usually are not prepared on their plans to such a quick aceleration without assuming risks. Greg Larkin, author of “This Might get me Fired: A Manual for Thriving in the Corporate Entrepreneurial Underground”, brings us into the room where big banks set new … Continued


Chatbots and Banking by Tommy Minta (Genesys USA)

Tommy Minta, Digital Solution Lead at Genesys USA, explains how banks face the challenge of creating engaging moments of customer connections across multiple marketing, sales and service platforms with seamless, omnichannel ease. In this session, Tommy Minta introduces us to Artificial Intelligence and how machine learning revolutionizes omnichannel customer engagement and NPS, first contact resolution and sales … Continued


Carlos Oviedo: We say in the Bank that defining the challenges is a challenge in itself

Carlos Oviedo Alarcón Head of Innovation at BancoEstado Dirección de Transformación BancoEstado Chile Versión en Español 1.- What are the major areas of innovation and/or transformation that you bank is focusing on? Bancoestado is characterized for being a company that combines tradition and disruption, a clear example of this are CuentaRUT for all Chilean people, CajaVecina … Continued

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