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Blog 2018

The “Intelligent Edge” and how we can use it

These days, we all have mobile devices in our pockets. We take them everywhere, performing a large number of productive tasks and enjoying entertainment. Our telephones have sensors and constantly absorb large amounts of information. If we exercise, they can measure the distances we run and record our times, so we can better plan our workouts. If we use them as personal assistants, they use our information to suggest activities, routes and remind us of different tasks on our calendar. This is what the cloud’s “Intelligent Edge” looks like.

An evolving perspective

Now, we are moving from a world where the main focus is on mobility and the cloud, to a new one consisting of a smart cloud and its “Intelligent Edge”. This evolution is defined by three main factors.

The first relates to multiple devices, as is evident in personal computing and the devices we use on a daily basis. It is also seen in the proliferation of sensors and IoT devices in industries such as manufacturing and hospitals, which require platforms that connect them and make use of the huge amount of information they generate.

The second factor has to do with Artificial Intelligence, which uses, and takes advantage of, the large amount of data generated by those multiple devices in order to apply reason to the data and convert it into knowledge.

The third is about the generation of new ways to administer resources in order to manage this highly complex computing. This is where serverless computing comes into play, transforming the nature of the new applications built specifically to provide answers to events that arise.


Hablamos de cientos de millones de dispositivos móviles soportados por gráficos, inteligencia artificial y Cortana. La gran meta es una infraestructura que permita aprovechar el potencial del internet de las cosas, la movilidad y la inteligencia artificial en la periferia de la nube.

La transformación digital hoy es una oportunidad mayor al permitir a las organizaciones ser impactadas por tecnología de manera nueva y que rompe modelos preestablecidos para beneficio de nosotros y nuestros clientes.

Para nuestras sociedades la nube inteligente y el ‘Intelligent Edge’ son oportunidades enormes de billones de dólares y lo que buscamos es que esta noción de transformación digital se democratice para que todo tipo de empresas y organizaciones la aprovechen de la mano de la innovación y de la creatividad de nuestra gente y nuestros jóvenes en especial.

La oportunidad es enorme para que nuestra región en diversas áreas sea más creativa, trabaje de manera colaborativa y aplique la tecnología que transforme e impulse a nuestras comunidades.

Cesar Cernuda

President, Microsoft Latin America & Corporate Vice President Microsoft Corporation